The "Outtakes"

All the photos you see here are "Outtakes" that were never meant to happen. They are considered "mistakes", "oopsies" & "BooBoo's" many photographers. They are also some of my absolute most favorite shots I have captured.

Anyone who has been in front of my camera knows I will only ask you to pose for a short while. Then I will ask you to interact. Look at your spouse, kiss your bride, play with your child...and that's when you find magic! I have this annoying little habit of continuing to shoot while walking to a different location or as your child "takes a break" and starts playing.

These little nuggets from each session make me so incredibly happy. They are REAL! Yes we love the photos where everyone is looking and the smiles are perfect. But the photos you will remember are the "outtakes." The real stuff!

You will remember how your daughter was obsessed with picking up rocks along the river that we shot in. You will remember how your son was only concerned with making sure he got some photos in his cowboy hat. You will remember how your husband tried to give you a wet willie during your engagement photos (yep that was my husband)...

So enjoy some of my favorite "outtakes" and remember these sweet memories were not supposed to make the cut. Now I can't imagine these sessions without them.

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